We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your cosmetic goals and optimize your oral health. See a complete list of our services by clicking any of the boxes below, and see the additional information at the bottom of this page.

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Welcome to NuLife Dental and Med Center, the dental practice of Dr. Kenya Hoover.

In our Orlando, FL office, Dr. Hoover and our team look forward to providing you with comprehensive dental care and enhancing your skin and hair aesthetics in a relaxing atmosphere.

General Dentistry to Support Lasting Oral Health

General dentistry is the heart and soul of lasting oral health. It is preventative by design and customizable to fit your unique oral health needs. General dentistry is an umbrella term that incorporates everything you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

General dentistry includes:

  • Dental exams
  • Dental cleanings
  • Extractions
  • Fillings
  • Invisalign
  • Root canals
  • Leading-edge technology

Dr. Hoover wants you to have the best oral health possible. Whether you need a routine exam or periodontal treatments, Dr. Hoover will take care of your dental issues gently but thoroughly.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Provide a Winning Smile

When you decide to take back your smile through cosmetic dentistry, we have everything right here at NuLife Dental and Med Center to help you achieve beautiful results.

Some of our signature cosmetic choices include:

  • Customizable dental implants
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening treatments
  • Tooth-colored fillings

Dr. Hoover is even able to provide bone grafting, for example, if your jawbone is worn or not strong enough to support a dental implant.

At NuLife Dental and Med Center, we even offer digital surgery planning and use intraoral cameras. This means you can see exactly what Dr. Hoover sees inside your mouth. It also gives you and Dr. Hoover a preview of what your smile will look like following your cosmetic procedure or treatment.

If you decide to enhance your smile, Dr. Hoover will assess your oral health and help guide you toward the right procedures or treatments to give you the smile you deserve.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

We have a denture lab in our Orlando, FL dental office. This means Dr. Hoover can oversee the creation of your custom denture or partial. We also offer several denture packages to fit your specific needs.

Beautiful and Effective Facial Aesthetics

At NuLife Dental a Med Center, we understand that patients sometimes want to improve their appearance beyond cosmetic dentistry. This is why we also offer BOTOX®, Juvéderm® to provide younger, smoother, and more radiant looking skin.

Contact Our Orlando Dental Office

At NuLife Dental and Med Center, we want to provide you with the best oral health in a comfortable setting. We offer neck pillows, blankets, ceiling mounted televisions, music, headphones, and even a fabulous coffee bar.

If you want to enhance your smile or look into other facial aesthetics, we encourage you to contact our Orlando, FL dental office today. Dr. Hoover and staff look forward to serving your dental and aesthetic needs.

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