Ten Reasons why Invisalign is better than traditional braces


Ten Reasons why Invisalign is better than traditional braces

Wearing braces is truly essential for people who are experiencing certain types of dental problems. Therefore, it’s important that you find the best braces on the market. This article focuses on Invisalign invisible Aligners and will explain to you why it’s the better option in comparison to traditional metal braces. So, if you’re interested, keep reading to find out the ten reasons why Invisalign is better than traditional metal braces.

1. The Invisalign design is more subtle

Invisalign aligners are practically invisible which makes it less obvious that you are wearing braces. A lot of people struggle with the way they look when they are wearing traditional metal braces so, in this regard, Invisalign is definitely the better option. They are designed in such a way that wearing these aligners won’t negatively impact your smile in the slightest. This is a big advantage in comparison to traditional braces because, with those, you won’t be able to hide the metal in your mouth at all. Therefore, with Invisalign, you can be guaranteed that you will not only look better while wearing braces, but it will also do wonders for your overall self-confidence.

2. You can take the Invisalign aligners out of your mouth

It’s very easy to remove the Invisalign trays from your mouth when it’s necessary. Because of this, you can take them out when you’re eating or when you’re drinking.. This means that there aren’t any specific restrictions when it comes to your daily diet so you can eat anything you want. It doesn’t matter how sticky or hard the food is. This is a huge advantage when compared to traditional braces where you really need to be careful with what kind of foods you eat. For example, really hard foods could damage the metal and then you would need to get your braces repaired. With Invisalign, you don’t have that problem, making it more efficient in this department.

3. Invisalign braces are more comfortable

When you’re wearing metal braces, you will find that the metal can cause irritation because the metal can rub the inside of your mouth. That’s another problem that you won’t have with the Invisalign product. And, as mentioned above, you can take the aligners out which makes eating and brushing your teeth easier and more pleasant. In general, Invisalign doesn’t apply as much pressure on your teeth as is the case with traditional braces so this contributes to the comfortable feeling as well.

4. Invisalign aligners make it easier to clean your teeth

When you’re brushing your teeth, you can just take the Invisalign aligners out of your mouth, making it easier to thoroughly clean your teeth. With traditional braces, often there can be some food left between your teeth or even in the braces. Invisalign on the other hand solves this problem completely. You can take your Invisalign aligners out of your mouth when you’re eating and afterward, you can brush your teeth like you normally would. Both your Invisalign aligners and your teeth will be perfectly clean.

5. The Invisalign treatment is shorter

Another benefit of Invisalign braces, when compared to traditional braces, is the short amount of time that it takes for them to be effective. With traditional braces, it can take up to several years before your teeth are settled properly. However, when you wear the Invisalign aligners, you will find that it takes a lot less time before you have the teeth you always dreamed of having. You need to wear the aligners for 8 to18 months until you can stop wearing them completely. The reason for this shorter amount of time is that the Invisalign aligners will be changed out every 2 weeks so your treatment will be more effective. You will be able to have your ideal teeth in only a matter of time!

6. Invisalign can help with all kinds of dental problems

Invisalign aligners are not only great for setting your teeth straight, but they can help with other dental problems as well. Examples include issues like an overbite, an underbite, a crossbite, or protruding teeth to name a few. The reason for this is that Invisalign uses a very progressive technology that’s able to adapt to any kind of dental issue. This means Invisalign can be an asset to anyone, no matter the dental problem. Invisalign is very customer-orientated and can offer you the exact treatment plan to fulfill all of your needs. Traditional braces can solve a lot of dental problems as well but are generally less flexible and customizable than Invisalign.

7. Invisalign aligners are usually less painful

In general, metal braces can be slightly painful when you’re wearing them. The metal can poke your skin and can be painful to your mouth, lips, and cheeks. They can even cause painful sores and blisters inside a person’s mouth. In this regard, Invisalign is a lot less painful. The design of the Invisalign aligners is so smooth that you will hardly be bothered by them so you are less likely to injure the inside of your mouth.

8. You will get an idea of what your smile will look like

Invisalign uses a special computer technology that allows you to actually see a similar end result before you even start your treatment. Because of this technology, you will know how long you will need to wear the aligners and you will know what your teeth are going to look like once the treatment is over. This really gives Invisalign an edge over traditional metal braces. With traditional braces, there are many things that can go wrong while wearing them. If the treatment plan for metal braces doesn’t progress as it should, there’s the chance that you will have to wear the traditional braces longer than expected. However, when you wear Invisalign aligners, you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises.

9. With Invisalign, you’ll need to visit the Dentist less often

When you start the Invisalign treatment, your Dentist will provide you with many different aligner trays. Each tray is meant for a specific stage in your treatment plan. Every few weeks, you will need to replace your trays making this is a very independent treatment plan. You will only need to go to the dentist every 6 weeks or so to get a check-up because you will already have all the equipment you need to make the treatment work on your own. This is a big contrast to traditional braces. With traditional braces, you will need to visit the orthodontist more often to know if everything is going according to plan or to make repairs. Invisalign saves you time and will fit into your busy life!

10. You can still be active with the Invisalign aligners

With traditional braces, you often need to be careful while doing intense, physical activities and playing sports. There are many ways that exercising can damage metal braces. For example, when you’re playing soccer and a ball hits your face, the metal can be severely damaged and you will need to pay a visit to the orthodontist to get the braces fixed. That’s an issue that you won’t have when you’re wearing Invisalign aligners. When you need to exercise, you can just take the aligners out of your mouth and you won’t run the risk of damage. Afterward, you can just insert the aligners once more and go on about your day as usual!


Invisalign may cost the same as traditional metal braces, but that’s easy to forget when you look at all the advantages that it has to offer. Invisalign offers a great price-quality ratio and will definitely give you the best treatment when it comes to your teeth. If you’re debating between Invisalign and traditional metal braces, you should know that Invisalign is truly the best option on the dental market right now.


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